Crystal Tale


Crystal Tale

Fairy tale collection of crystal decorations for Christmas 2022

Christmas ornament 22

The Christmas ornament for 2022, with its combination of clear and frosted crystal, takes us into the fairy tale of Preciosa crystal. The ornament embodies an elegant combination of clear Preciosa crystal stones together with frosted components. They give the decoration a mysterious fairy-tale touch.
Hang the Christmas ornament on the Christmas tree or in the window and brighten up this year's holidays with Preciosa bohemian crystal.

material: Bohemian crystal Preciosa

Fairy-tale slipper

The fairy-tale slipper will remind you of the one that the famous Cinderella lost in the well-known fairy tale. A fairy-tale slipper from the Preciosa workshop stands out with the perfect sparkle of cut bohemian crystal. It allows you to return for a moment to the realm of fairy tales, where good always wins. This is also why this shoe is a symbol of exceptionality, honesty and good ends. 

material: Bohemian crystal Preciosa



According to Chinese astrology, 2023 is the Year of the Rabbit. In general, the rabbit is very sensitive, tender and faithful. As a loving partner, it is attentive, sometimes a little moody. A person born in the sign of the rabbit is very hardworking and determined. The Year of the Rabbit will be good for everyone who pursues their goals.

material: Bohemian crystal Preciosa


Frosted Glass

Frosted glasses are part of a collection of premium quality utility glass. These glasses, suitable for sparkling wine, prosecco or non-alcoholic drinks, are hand-decorated with cut stones from Bohemian Preciosa crystal. At first glance, the combination of glittering crystals and beautifully matted legs of the glasses will catch your eye.

material: lead-free glass, Bohemian crystal Preciosa


Frosted stars

Preciosa Bohemian crystal Christmas stars look like ice flakes. The combination of polished sparkling clear and matte crystal looks elegant and will brighten up your interior. Thanks to the hanging eye and ribbon that complement the ornament, they can be easily hung in a window or on a tree. Brighten up your Christmas holidays.

material: Bohemian crystal Preciosa

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