Crystal Pleasure

Crystal Pleasure collection will literally caress your soul. It will bring you a feeling of peace and well-being, which Preciosa bohemian crystal can evoke with its glitter and reflections. Decorations made of cut bohemian Preciosa crystal will create the exceptional atmosphere of the holidays. Their lightness, shimmer and elegance will make you stop even during the pre-Christmas bustle and enjoy the magic of Christmas.


Crystal Wave of Emotions

New Collection will evoke sensuality, joy, desire, playfulness and curiosity in you. Explore crystal jewellery from our workshop one by one… you will discover perfectly cut crystals made of Bohemian crystal, cubic zirconia jewellery stones and a colorful range of hand-pressed Preciosa stones, which we produce for you using traditional glass technology. Ready? We are launching Crystal Wave of Emotions right now!