The Voyage collection is inspired by travel, freedom, and the exploration of new experiences. When designing this collection, the designers wanted to create jewellery that would make you feel like free adventurers, unafraid to venture beyond the boundaries of your comfort zone.

The jewellery in the Voyage collection will remind you of the beauty of the world around us, whether it's romantic seaside towns, historic metropolises, flower gardens, or expansive beaches. Each piece in this collection is unique and tells its own story.

Adorn yourself with the jewellery from the new collection and embark on a new, unique story that you will write with your own steps.


The name Milano was chosen as inspiration for this surgical-steel chain necklace because the city of
Milan is renowned as the fashion and design capital of Italy. Just like the city itself, the Milano jewellery
stands out with its elegant and sophisticated style. It is bold yet delicate and subtle.

material: surgical steel, gold plated surgical steel


The Venice jewellery is dominated by a striking blue hand-pressed crystal stone depicting a bird in nature. Venice (In Italian: "Venezia") is a beautiful city in northeastern Italy, known for its canals, romance, and artistry of glass. The image of the bird in nature refers to the fauna that surrounds the city of Venice.

The hand-pressed crystal stones set in the jewellery are pressed by glassmakers in Jablonec using pliers over a glass rod, a technique that has been passed down for centuries. They continue the tradition of Czech glassmaking.

material: gold plated surgical steel, Bohemian crystal Preciosa


The Santorini jewellery takes its name from the island town known for its white houses with blue roofs and views of the turquoise Aegean Sea. The color blue symbolizes calmness, stability, and spirituality. The town of Santorini is associated with the tranquility and beauty of the blue sea and white buildings. The precisely cut sparkling crystals evoke the image of waves crashing against the rocky coast of the summer resort of Santorini.

material: rhodium plated jewellery alloy, gold plated jewellery alloy, Bohemian crystal Preciosa


The Avignon jewellery is made of high-quality rhodium-plated and gold-plated silver, ensuring its
durability and long-lasting shine. Its unique swallow shape is not only charming but also symbolizes
freedom, travel, and the return home. The name is inspired by the French city of Avignon, which is
home to the famous Avignon Bridge known for hosting numerous swallow nests.

material: rhodium plated sterling silver, gold plated sterling silver, cubic zirconia


Valencia represents a jewellery set in the modern color of rose gold, adorned with faceted cubic zirconia stones. The rose gold color is becoming increasingly popular in the jewellery industry and is often combined with stones in warm color tones.

Valencia is a beautiful city in eastern Spain, known for its sunny weather and rich culture. The city of Valencia is almost synonymous with sunshine and vibrant colors, which is why it lends its name to this jewellery set in warm pastel hues.

material: rose gold plated sterling silver, cubic zirconia


Vienna is a historical and elegant city in Austria, known for its beautiful architecture and rich culture. The city was also the residence of several emperors and empresses, which inspired the name of the crownshaped jewellery piece. The Austrian Empire in Vienna was one of the most powerful in Europe, and the crown was a symbol of royal and imperial power.

material: rhodium plated sterling silver, cubic zirconia


Seville is a city in southern Spain. This place is known for its beautiful gardens and parks, filled with blooming trees and greenery. Seville also hosts many historical and cultural landmarks that are connected to nature, such as the Alcázar of Seville - a royal palace surrounded by gardens. For this reason, the city became the inspiration for a silver jewellery piece in the shape of a tree, adorned with
Preciosa cubic zirconia stones.

material: rhodium plated sterling silver, gold plated sterling silver, cubic zirconia


Verona is a picturesque Italian city that became famous primarily due to the tragic love story of Romeo and Juliet, portrayed by the renowned playwright William Shakespeare in his work. This drama is a symbol of passion, romance, and an eternal love affair. In the play, a flower plays a symbolic role as an object of love and passion between the main characters.

material: gold plated surgical steel, Bohemian crystal Preciosa

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