The new collection is born from colors, freshness, playfulness and joy of life.
In addition to classic cut zirconia stones or crystals,
the collection also includes hand-pressed crystal stones.

Enjoy life, enjoy the new VIVA collection!


The Viva collection gave birth to a dragonfly, a messenger of happiness and joy, a symbol of courage and strength. Dragonflies are also a symbol of rebirth and renewal after the sufferings of life, giving their bearers strength to new beginnings. The collection shines with silver dragonflies with cubic zirconia stones, as well as with larger dragonflies made of jewellery alloy, which present the beauty and glitter of Preciosa Bohemian crystal. Let them land with you.

material: rhodium plated sterling silver, cubic zirconia Preciosa, jewellery alloy, Bohemian crystal Preciosa


The fish pendant has also entered the VIVA edition of silver jewellery collection. It is complemented by
distinctive earrings and a ring. The fish itself represents the symbolism of life and the cycle of a life. It is a symbol of abundance, fertility, creativity and joy of life. It is said that symbols of a fish help to maintain family harmony and at the same time bring happiness in your professional life. The silver fish with cut cubic zirconia stones is an ideal gift for newborns in the sign of Pisces, it will further support their strengths and characteristics, which each sign of the zodiac has specific.

material: rhodium plated sterling silver, cubic zirconia Preciosa


A jewell called Flash will captivate you like a lightning. It is full of life, which is provided by the colorful and radiant stones of Preciosa Bohemian crystal. What's more, glassmakers press them in pliers above the  torch, using traditional glass technology.

material: surgical steel, Bohemian crystal Preciosa


Fresh, delicate, romantic and yet elegant are the silver designs of Fresh jewellery. Let the delicate blue buds bloom in your cleavage. The cut stones of cubic zirconia shine in silver flowers. The breezy design named Fresh also adorns your wrists, fingers or ears.

material: rhodium plated sterling silver, cubic zirconia Preciosa


The novelty of the VIVA collection is sharp edges and geometry. Surgical steel jewellery decorated with cubic zirconia stones borrowed these sharp shapes. In addition, the symbol of Pisces and Lion is the perfect gift for newborns in these zodiac signs.

material: surgical steel, cubic zirconia Preciosa

Birth of Venus

The silver jewell called Birth of Venus is dominated by a real river pearl, which is born in a silver shell set with countless cut cubic zirconia stones. Let them dazzle you. The combination of real river pearls with rhodium plated silver and glitter of so called zircons creates a harmonious whole that brightens the neckline of every woman. Real pearls are a symbol of love, femininity and abundance, they are the perfect gift for women and girls of all ages.

material: rhodium plated sterling silver, river pearl, cubic zirconia Preciosa

Tender bracelets

A gentle combination of silver and cut cubic zirconia stones in fine hand bracelets. Don't be afraid to combine more bracelets, you will shine all the more.

material: rhodium plated sterling silver, cubic zirconia Preciosa

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Jewellery Collection Summer 2022

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